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I love my logo, as much for the story behind it as for the logo itself.  So it occurred to me a while ago that it might be a nice story to share.  

The picture that is the basis for the Alverstoke Chiropractic logo was taken when my eldest was 8 weeks old by my mum (also known by two small people as Nana). It was, as she puts it, a lucky shot.  My husband hadn’t been able to be with our boy much during those first weeks as he was completing a really important course in the Royal Navy. So every moment they had together was incredibly precious to us.

 I fell in love with the picture immediately.  The connection between these two was plain for all to see.  

Photo by Nana

So for Fathers Day that year (5 years ago now, where does time go) I had an idea.  I’d seen a friend of mine share some of her artwork and I had loved it. 

Christian (from Little Love Art) uses silhouettes to create wonderful and personal creations. 

Image by Little Love Art – used with permission

 I sent Christian the photo and asked if she thought it would work.  As you can see, it did.  Max loved his present, and I still love this picture. 

Daddy and Son ~ By Little Love Art

 We moved to Alverstoke in 2015 and now in our forever home I saw an opportunity to rebrand.  One of the hardest things for all businesses is to find the ‘right’ logo.  I’ve worked with designers before who didn’t get the essence of what I wanted, and truthfully I’m not even sure exactly what I was after.  I work with people of all ages and backgrounds.  I needed something eye catching and memorable whist being highly personal.  In my job each day is spent looking after people.  Working out what is going on with their bodies and why, then then doing my very best to help.  Every single case is unique and every treatment plan tailored to the individual.  Truthfully it was a bit ambitious attempting to say all that in a logo, and it was never really an option – fortunately luck was on my side. Christian would often share the our picture on her page, and sometimes she’d have it as her Little Love Art picture on Facebook.  Everytime I saw it I thought of my boys and family and connection – lots of the things that matter to me. This was me, this is the essence of the business.  One discussion with Christian at Little Love Art and Alverstoke Chiropractic had a new Logo.  One that was authentically me.  And one that hopefully gets across how much I love what I do.  It makes me happy each and every time I see it.  
I’ve added another piece of Little Love Art  to my clinic.  Truly this clinic started in Hill Head, has been hugely supported by all those I met there. This is Hill Head, one of my favourite places to be.  Especially by the sea, with my family.

Hill Head ~ by Little Love Art


Philippa is a Chiropractor, Sports Therapist, and Mum to two awesome humans. She works at Alverstoke Chiropractic in Gosport and at Cowes Chiropractic Clinic in Cowes happily treating all those who ask for treatment from newborn to those more advanced in years and anyone inbetween. 
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